Priority Maintenance for Home Buyers There are so many home maintenance and repair items that are important; it can be confusing trying to establish which are the most critical. To simplify things, we have compiled a short list of our favorites. These are by no means all-inclusive, nor do they replace any of the information in a home inspection report. They should, however, help you get started on the right foot. Remember, any items marked as priority or safety issues on your home inspection report need immediate attention. One-Time Tasks 1. Install smoke detectors as necessary (usually one on each level of the home, near any sleeping areas). Install carbon monoxide detectors, according to manufacturer’s recommendations. 2. Make any electrical improvements recommended in the home inspection report. 3. Remove any wood/soil contact to prevent rot and insect damage. 4. Change the locks on all doors. Use a dead bolt for
15 Questions That You Should Ask When Shopping for a Home Inspector Q: HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN IN BUSINESS? A: Home inspectors come and go. The long time firms are here to stay. They'll be here if you have a question or a problem down the road. Q: WHAT ARE YOUR INSPECTORS' QUALIFICATIONS? A: The industry is essentially unregulated. Anyone can call themselves a home inspector. Q: CAN I FOLLOW ALONG AT THE INSPECTION? A: If they won't let you go to the inspection, don't use them. We actually encourage you to attend. This is a valuable learning experience for most home buyers. It is the perfect opportunity to ask specific questions about the condition of the home. Also, where defects are identified, the engineer can discuss these so that you understand what repairs are required, when and at roughly what cost. Q: ARE YOU MEMBERS OF ANY ORGANIZATION?